Monday, November 5, 2012

Complaints on the Terrain :(

Before I hated people who said the terrain was boring... but it is REALLY flat. i guess i must agree now. While I'm in love with oceans and mushroom lands and jungles, there's not as much interesting stuff on the planet. I really wish that jeb would put back in what notch took out: Mountain land forms.

By that I mean not a mountain biome, but allowing allowing mountains to spawn in any biome on their own. That was one reason that the 1.7.3 generator was so exceptional.

I think it would be cool if mountains were integrated in the world generator much like lakes are now. With them being randomly dispersed anywhere. It could spawn in plains, to allow villages to be at the crescendo of the world. Even in oceans so you could have a  Volcano looking thing. Heck, they could even spawn in swamps. Allowing for some pretty cool trash to happen.

Also, Jeb needs to put back the gravel beaches. They were so cool and actually realistic for some places like alsaka.