Sunday, November 18, 2012

What Type Of Custom Map

Firstly you have to kow.. does one really wish to form this map? 
Am i about to quit halfway?
Do I actually have the time?

If you think you do then scan on..

Firstly you wish to make a decision what time of Custom map you wish to try to do;

Puzzle - various Puzzles made using redstone machines are what these types of maps usually are made of. So if you want to do this you will need atleast a basic understanding of building 

with redstone.

Adventure - a Main quest to realize a goal. Usually those who make these maps start off building some sort of village. It is somewhat difficult to make a map that stands out.

RPG - a lot of very little quests with no main plot line, takes alot of your time and dedication and you wont want to do this if your short on time. Can require more than a month of extra work.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Complaints on the Terrain :(

Before I hated people who said the terrain was boring... but it is REALLY flat. i guess i must agree now. While I'm in love with oceans and mushroom lands and jungles, there's not as much interesting stuff on the planet. I really wish that jeb would put back in what notch took out: Mountain land forms.

By that I mean not a mountain biome, but allowing allowing mountains to spawn in any biome on their own. That was one reason that the 1.7.3 generator was so exceptional.

I think it would be cool if mountains were integrated in the world generator much like lakes are now. With them being randomly dispersed anywhere. It could spawn in plains, to allow villages to be at the crescendo of the world. Even in oceans so you could have a  Volcano looking thing. Heck, they could even spawn in swamps. Allowing for some pretty cool trash to happen.

Also, Jeb needs to put back the gravel beaches. They were so cool and actually realistic for some places like alsaka.
Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Ocean Mobs!

I have always wondered why  the HUGE and biggest of the biomes has the least mobs. So after thinking about it for a while and talking to some friends I came up with these:Birds sting rays, Piranha or other undersea predators), underwater treasure chests, guarded by ocean mobs that are friendly away from the treasure, but attack you within 10 blocks of the treasure chest .Lastly just lobsters cause there awsome and a fancy food :).

Birds: spawn randomly around oceans but must spawn away from other birds. Fly in the air. Are hostile when the player is holding a fish. They would be 1 by 2 blocks in size.

sting rays: spawn naturally on the sea floor with depths of atleast 8 blocks.Only do damage when you are touched by them. Passive.

Pihrana. Same mechanics as any other hostile mob but rarer and spawns in water. Fast

Treasure chest: description in list above/\ could be guarded by some type of j
Jellyfish or something.

Lobster: spawn on beaches. hostile. small amount of hears 2 or 3, they would do 1 heart of damage per hit.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Mob Idea

Remember way back when the Enderman was first released? We were all scared it would come and reek havoc on our beautiful creations. But in the end all they really do is slightly move blocks around and are mostly a nuisance. Which brings me to the subject of this post.

On to the suggestion part, let's get a small mob maybe the size of a chicken or a pig height wise, and furry. It spawns in light levels of 8 and above. This little annoying creature will not be aggressive  but will defend itself if attacked but it'll be quite weak only having a few hearts. It's mischievous and will destroy your torches or place blocks in your tunnels maybe put a piece of cobble over your chest to deter you from opening. It wouldn't do any real harm but would cause some damage and be quite annoying. What do you think? Any Ideas for a name for our little evil friend?
Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why Cauldrons are Great For Aesthetics

Cauldron with the default texture

Cauldrons are very useful aesthetical features to a map; Even more though when you have it with a anvil. They are very versatile too.

Since their water amount can be changed you have even more possibilities! A small amount of water can be used to look like a pot that catches water from a peasants old leaky ceiling.

Practical use
They can be used to make it feel like the user is wet - taking advantage of the trip wire and having a dispenser behind (not usable to the player of course) You can have it filled with potions of fire resistance (preferably a lower level)  and it will emulate the player being wet. Now the only aesthetic problem is the water level dosen't lower as you use it. But who cares..

My Scariest Minecraft Moment

While I was building my farm in the air which I couldn't stop falling off of! ugh. The shift key cant always save you! Each level of my farm was about 20 blocks high, including the the ceiling. Well I just had finished making the third level of it and was amazed by the height, and stared at it in awe. So I ran about to get my shovel and pick to finish building it, but it was now nighttime. 

Now I had a rule I wouldn't go near it at after dark, even though all the floors were completely lit. Me and mobs have had a  bad past together so I was paranoid. While I was walking across my path too my other base . I was planning on getting some tools so I could finally finish this project . So  I seal the entrance to the roof so I can work on the room beneath the top and create my storage room.
Well its dark out, but I don't care I sealed the roof. Get in the room via ladders, nothing in there, of course. Set up the room the way I need it and drop down to the ground level to pick up some chests. I climb back up the ladder, reach the storage and guess who came to the party? thats right Mr. Creeper. I hear the SSSSSS... and know I'm done for. FUUUUUUUU
I curse that creeper with everything I had at destroying an entire WALL SECTION, the building was sand so it just crumbled. I go back up to fix it and gather my items...and just my luck his brother came too... SSSSSS.. POW and I die. FUUUUUU
I go back into the ground floor to assess the damage. The room was now destroyed and half my wall was too. Oh wait but what is that hurtling down, from two floors up, towards gotta be..SSSSSSS....shitting m...boom. Dead. 
The next daylight comes around and I have actually fixed the building, I unseal the roof and stand over the side..SSSS...OH COME ON!...boom. Hurdle to the ground. I couldn't belive it. I raged SOOOOOOO hard.

Now what you should learn from my mistakes is one Creeper deserve a special place in hell. But also Never make a Sky Farm. Now go on young miner and make your own Adventures!
Saturday, October 20, 2012

My First House in MC (Don't Laugh!)

Ok everyone here it is. My first house! Cringe worthy right? Don't worry though It was only on my third day of playing back when I was new. Well that's about it, thought someone might get a good laugh out of it. Dirt houses FTW! 
Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Mojang Needs to Stop Hackers

Sorry for my short little rant here but I'm raging at the moment so bare with me. First off, I would like to say that I love PvP and Factions servers. I  mean who doesn't? But its no fun when you go into a fight and realize your opponent is obviously using Nodus or some other hacked client. I mean for gosh sake! Aimbotting ruins the whole point of combat, being able to do nothing and kill people is so over powered. If pvp is going to be taken seriously these hacks need to be fixed. Most people use nodus now because of how easy it is to hack using it. 

Now onto my next point. Back in the day when I was just a MC noob. I discovered the game and was amazed by it. Just going around with  your friends exploring caves was great, and even better when finding people's bases by accident and stealing their stuff was just so fun. Making your base underground and trying not to be seen when you descended to the surface to gather resources, trying not to get caught when you asault a base, Making friends in clans or factions. the posibilities were endless and it was the most fun game I ever played. The sense of freedom was amazing. Mob's were scary and you always had to watch your back they added a lot of excitement . And by the time I played there wasn't many plugins yet.

All of this has been ruined by cheats. The game was able to put you in a real atmosphere were the world felt real with really interesting graphics, which is an amazing acomplishment. Now knowing people is using X-ray around you makes it worthless. Especially when your mining around and theres no diamonds left because of all the x-rayers. Ok well thats the end of my rant. Point is don't cheat  its not fair and probably against server rules. If your playing offline on the other hand go ahead. 

4 Tips for Advertising your Server

I've made alot of servers in my time, and in that time I've also had to do alot of advertising for them. Some of my servers have definitely been better than others. Never forget that the quality of the server always comes first over advertising. But back to the point; here are the top four tried and true methods I've found for getting people to your stinking server!

1. Post on places like PMC or any other Minecraft forums. Your server thread should also be pretty in depth since you want players to know what kind of server you're running, etc, etc. It also never hurts to have a link to your server thread in your bio and sig if you post a lot.

2. A little less usual and a more unique method is to post youtube videos! Maybe make a let's play on the server. Plugin reviews and such are also good. Most people may never get beyond the first page of the MCF server section. But on Youtube they'll click through a few videos and with some luck they might come to yours. 

3. Another great yet extremely simple is Word of Mouth. One person comes on, likes your server. and brings on friends. This may be old school but it works trust me.

4.You can add your server to minecraft server list sites. I did it and i got many people, But if your server has lots of downtime your score can drop fast . So you need to have your server on almost 24/7 for mcserver list to work..

I hope you learned something from this post and be sure to come back for all your minecraft-y needs!

Minecraft Xbox Update!

Hey everyone this is my first post on my new blog! I've been waiting for the xbox update to 
come out for a while now..and it finally has! the only problem I can find is the enchanting; there's none. but other then that it's AWESOME.  It is really great. They added strongholds, abandoned mineshafts, npc villages but no villagers. Food was another big chunk of it including such as raw/cooked chicken, raw/cooked beef, melons, rotten flesh,spider eyes,apples and golden apples. A few other cool new things for xbox atleast are ravines, rivers between biomes, swamp biomes, creative mode, food bar, superflat worlds,sprinting,sprint jumping,flying, sprinting while flying, a few anti-grief features,and invisibility.They also new enemies such as endermen,silverfish, and cave spiders. Overall Im very happy with this update but again , the lack of xp/enchanting is too bad. Also not having the golem mobs is kinda disappointing  Not sure if they forgot or what..but they were my favorite!! Anyway have a good day reader and hope your having as much fun on xbox MC as I am!