Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Ocean Mobs!

I have always wondered why  the HUGE and biggest of the biomes has the least mobs. So after thinking about it for a while and talking to some friends I came up with these:Birds sting rays, Piranha or other undersea predators), underwater treasure chests, guarded by ocean mobs that are friendly away from the treasure, but attack you within 10 blocks of the treasure chest .Lastly just lobsters cause there awsome and a fancy food :).

Birds: spawn randomly around oceans but must spawn away from other birds. Fly in the air. Are hostile when the player is holding a fish. They would be 1 by 2 blocks in size.

sting rays: spawn naturally on the sea floor with depths of atleast 8 blocks.Only do damage when you are touched by them. Passive.

Pihrana. Same mechanics as any other hostile mob but rarer and spawns in water. Fast

Treasure chest: description in list above/\ could be guarded by some type of j
Jellyfish or something.

Lobster: spawn on beaches. hostile. small amount of hears 2 or 3, they would do 1 heart of damage per hit.