Friday, October 19, 2012

4 Tips for Advertising your Server

I've made alot of servers in my time, and in that time I've also had to do alot of advertising for them. Some of my servers have definitely been better than others. Never forget that the quality of the server always comes first over advertising. But back to the point; here are the top four tried and true methods I've found for getting people to your stinking server!

1. Post on places like PMC or any other Minecraft forums. Your server thread should also be pretty in depth since you want players to know what kind of server you're running, etc, etc. It also never hurts to have a link to your server thread in your bio and sig if you post a lot.

2. A little less usual and a more unique method is to post youtube videos! Maybe make a let's play on the server. Plugin reviews and such are also good. Most people may never get beyond the first page of the MCF server section. But on Youtube they'll click through a few videos and with some luck they might come to yours. 

3. Another great yet extremely simple is Word of Mouth. One person comes on, likes your server. and brings on friends. This may be old school but it works trust me.

4.You can add your server to minecraft server list sites. I did it and i got many people, But if your server has lots of downtime your score can drop fast . So you need to have your server on almost 24/7 for mcserver list to work..

I hope you learned something from this post and be sure to come back for all your minecraft-y needs!