Friday, October 19, 2012

Minecraft Xbox Update!

Hey everyone this is my first post on my new blog! I've been waiting for the xbox update to 
come out for a while now..and it finally has! the only problem I can find is the enchanting; there's none. but other then that it's AWESOME.  It is really great. They added strongholds, abandoned mineshafts, npc villages but no villagers. Food was another big chunk of it including such as raw/cooked chicken, raw/cooked beef, melons, rotten flesh,spider eyes,apples and golden apples. A few other cool new things for xbox atleast are ravines, rivers between biomes, swamp biomes, creative mode, food bar, superflat worlds,sprinting,sprint jumping,flying, sprinting while flying, a few anti-grief features,and invisibility.They also new enemies such as endermen,silverfish, and cave spiders. Overall Im very happy with this update but again , the lack of xp/enchanting is too bad. Also not having the golem mobs is kinda disappointing  Not sure if they forgot or what..but they were my favorite!! Anyway have a good day reader and hope your having as much fun on xbox MC as I am!