Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Mojang Needs to Stop Hackers

Sorry for my short little rant here but I'm raging at the moment so bare with me. First off, I would like to say that I love PvP and Factions servers. I  mean who doesn't? But its no fun when you go into a fight and realize your opponent is obviously using Nodus or some other hacked client. I mean for gosh sake! Aimbotting ruins the whole point of combat, being able to do nothing and kill people is so over powered. If pvp is going to be taken seriously these hacks need to be fixed. Most people use nodus now because of how easy it is to hack using it. 

Now onto my next point. Back in the day when I was just a MC noob. I discovered the game and was amazed by it. Just going around with  your friends exploring caves was great, and even better when finding people's bases by accident and stealing their stuff was just so fun. Making your base underground and trying not to be seen when you descended to the surface to gather resources, trying not to get caught when you asault a base, Making friends in clans or factions. the posibilities were endless and it was the most fun game I ever played. The sense of freedom was amazing. Mob's were scary and you always had to watch your back they added a lot of excitement . And by the time I played there wasn't many plugins yet.

All of this has been ruined by cheats. The game was able to put you in a real atmosphere were the world felt real with really interesting graphics, which is an amazing acomplishment. Now knowing people is using X-ray around you makes it worthless. Especially when your mining around and theres no diamonds left because of all the x-rayers. Ok well thats the end of my rant. Point is don't cheat  its not fair and probably against server rules. If your playing offline on the other hand go ahead.