Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Scariest Minecraft Moment

While I was building my farm in the air which I couldn't stop falling off of! ugh. The shift key cant always save you! Each level of my farm was about 20 blocks high, including the the ceiling. Well I just had finished making the third level of it and was amazed by the height, and stared at it in awe. So I ran about to get my shovel and pick to finish building it, but it was now nighttime. 

Now I had a rule I wouldn't go near it at after dark, even though all the floors were completely lit. Me and mobs have had a  bad past together so I was paranoid. While I was walking across my path too my other base . I was planning on getting some tools so I could finally finish this project . So  I seal the entrance to the roof so I can work on the room beneath the top and create my storage room.
Well its dark out, but I don't care I sealed the roof. Get in the room via ladders, nothing in there, of course. Set up the room the way I need it and drop down to the ground level to pick up some chests. I climb back up the ladder, reach the storage and guess who came to the party? thats right Mr. Creeper. I hear the SSSSSS... and know I'm done for. FUUUUUUUU
I curse that creeper with everything I had at destroying an entire WALL SECTION, the building was sand so it just crumbled. I go back up to fix it and gather my items...and just my luck his brother came too... SSSSSS.. POW and I die. FUUUUUU
I go back into the ground floor to assess the damage. The room was now destroyed and half my wall was too. Oh wait but what is that hurtling down, from two floors up, towards gotta be..SSSSSSS....shitting m...boom. Dead. 
The next daylight comes around and I have actually fixed the building, I unseal the roof and stand over the side..SSSS...OH COME ON!...boom. Hurdle to the ground. I couldn't belive it. I raged SOOOOOOO hard.

Now what you should learn from my mistakes is one Creeper deserve a special place in hell. But also Never make a Sky Farm. Now go on young miner and make your own Adventures!


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